With so many photographers in the area--not to mention just regular friends with nice cameras--why should you pick me over one of them to capture your photographic memories?

We want your experience to be a custom one.  We take the time to find out about you and your home, the space you have, your colors and what will work best for you. This is done through consultation.

Next, we assist you with your clothing choices, styling, hair and make up. Third, we can shoot outside in natural light or inside the studio with flash. We're not afraid to use studio light (which is a good thing with Pittsburgh weather).  Heck, it's how we run most of our business!

I love to shoot outside.  When we shoot inside, thestudio is always cool in the summer, warm in the winter, has plenty of beverages and your favorite music...plus everything else we need to make you look your best.  When you are in the studio, it is only you in the studio. No one else is watching. (Shhhh--If you want to break out your Spiderman suit and let me take a few shots of you wearing it, I won't tell. Our secret.)


One of the reasons I hear for putting off a photograph session is that the client wants to lose a few pounds first, or has a feature that they aren't happy with.  Wait no more!  With the right posing, lighting and tactful editing, we can portray you the way you want to look.  We are experienced with all types of photography pain points and can help you look your best!

Call now to schedule a consultation to see what we can do together. We can't wait to bring out the beauty in you and your family.